18 December 2007

Distributed Hourly Wind Data

I am going to poll my readers for help on a problem. I am trying to find meteorological data for wind speed from a number of geographically separated weather stations. By geographically separated I mean, on the scale of Texas or Ontario. I need the data to be measured hourly or faster. The data needs to be in some reasonable downloadable format so that I can parse it without too many difficulties.

Thus far, most of the data I've found is proprietary and people want me to pay for it. Since I don't make any money writing this blog, I'm not willing to do that. The only source of decent free data I've found is from the University of Waterloo.


Anonymous said...

Try the Weather Underground site. wunderground.com. They have a subpage of a network of Personal Weather Stations.

There is a nice mashup with Google maps.

Rik said...

Go to http://www.wasp.dk

And for more info on the subject search on "wind atlas".

Anonymous said...

Research Institute for Sustainable Energy, Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia have real-time data for wind:

Anonymous said...

Check out Ferret,


It takes some learning, but they have tutorials (and it's widely enough used that you might be able to find a colleague to help).

Unknown said...

You are looking for wind data?


Anonymous said...

Two places to start:



The same info but in somewhat different formats & presentations.
With some html parsing you can get the detailed wx info for further processing.
I am a glider pilot and am interested in whatever you come up with.

Anonymous said...

use the DOE files.


Anonymous said...

look at http://www.knmi.nl/samenw/hydra/cgi-bin/meta_data.cgi for many stations in The Netherlands.