16 March 2007

Grumble Mumble

I am finally coming to the end of my last class ever in my indentured servitude so I hope to return to a more reasonable posting rate as summer rolls in. Of course, after that I have my candidacy exam to contend with so we will all have to see.

I rode my bicycle for the first time in over four months today which was a nice change. I am, sadly, rather out of shape now but that won't take more than a couple of weeks to fix. I have to say, after trudging around for the winter, walking is boring. Riding a bike with worn tyres over patches of ice and sand ... not so much.

I should have a good sized review of organic photovoltaics to post in a few weeks. It's an interesting area that appears to have considerably more potential as I dig into the details. As I learn more, I'm becoming more impressed with this area, which is saying something coming from a person as cynical as I.