31 July 2007

Electricity Price Watch

Coal-fired electricity in Alberta is now up to C$0.09806 /kWh. My wind renewable energy credits are an additional C$0.02 / kWh. Of course, this is merely the incremental cost. In reality, my electrical bill is about 85 % administration and transmission fees. If I factor in the overhead, my actual price of electricity is about C$0.66 /kWh. The premium of paying for wind increases my actual electricity cost by 3 %.

It is my understanding that the deregulation of the Alberta power industry was supposed to reduce the cost to consumers.


Fat Man said...

C$0.09806 /kWh.
C$0.02 / kWh CR.
C$0.66 /kWh.

C$0.09806 * 85% = C$0.083351

C$0.09806 - C$0.083351 = C$0.014709

I don't get it.

Robert McLeod said...

0.09806 / (1-0.85) [C$/kWh]

= 0.66 [C$/kWh]

I'm paying less than $5 a month for electricity and about $28.5 for administration and overhead.

Anonymous said...

The solution is simple.

Just use more electricity ;)