23 November 2005

Sam Passes On

Sam the Dog (see upper right-hand side of your screen) has passed on to a better place according to CNN. I can only hope that he's in a better place right now, cavorting with forty virgins in the fields of paradise.


In other news I have been catching up on my sleep since finishing my written thesis and all the bureaucracy associated with actually organizing my oral defense. Also Ben at theWatt.com has gone AWOL at the National Research Council labs so I have been trying to keep that site from becoming moribund. I promise to finish off some of the half-complete posts sitting in my box sometime soon. Of course, if my definition of soon is not the same as yours, too bad.


Engineer-Poet said...

I gave up on TheWatt because the blog system was just too painful to use.

Jesse Jenkins said...

I've been wondering what the deal was with TheWatt. Thanks for making the effort to keep it going. I've been trying to submit some of the articles from my blog to keep the front page updating.

Congrats on finishing your thesis. I myself am beginning to work on my undergraduate honors thesis having just completed my prospectus (I'm exploring various alternative transport fuels and energy sources - zinc-air, hydrogen, plug-in and full EVs, cellulosic ethanol etc.). Good luck with the oral defense.